Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Care

One of the best investments you can make in your company is in the health and well being of your workforce. When employees feel their physical best, the benefits transmit to their mood, mental clarity and overall productivity. Additionally, providing services to reduce the aches and pains associated with office work often yield a measurable boost in morale among employees. O'Fallon Pain Relief Associates is sensitive to the needs of businesses, and we're proud to offer comprehensive services that will help keep your operation running at its best.

Interactive Health Workshops

Dr. Mohr is a recognized thought leader in the healthcare industry when it comes to improving workplace productivity through pain relief. He will come to your office at no charge to discuss solutions for the following common ailments:
  • Headaches - Learn about the causes of tension and migraine headaches, and more importantly, how to get rid of them!
  • TMJ Dysfunction - Learn how jaw pain and dysfunction can be treated gently, safely, and effectively by using conservative treatment options and computerized instruments.
  • Posture - Maintaining good posture throughout a long workday can be a challenge, but yields tremendous benefits. Learn how postural correction can make you look and feel better than ever!
  • Proper Lifting Technique - Manual labor, if performed incorrectly, has a massive potential for injury. Dr. Mohr goes over the best practices in detail to safeguard your health when you're working hard on the job.
  • Peak Energy - Learn a proven, seven-step program that teaches you how to naturally maximize your energy levels and decrease stress. On average, participants report a 40% increase in energy and a 40% decrease in stress in just two weeks after the workshop.
Interactive health workshop
Workplace massage event

Workplace Massage Events

This is one of our most popular services for good reason. Medical professionals come to your office and provide 5-10 minute massages to your staff for no charge to them. As tight muscles relax and stretch, employees return to their duties refreshed and reinvigorated, yielding vastly improved productivity and morale. Whether you run a small, medium or large company, your staff and bottom line alike will benefit from our Workplace Massage!

Health Fairs

We are regularly called to participate in corporate health fairs throughout the state. Pick from one of our no-charge screenings or services below to be featured at your company's health fair this year:
  • Computerized Joint Motion Analysis - Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we are able to pinpoint "locked-up" trouble areas in the spine that contribute to aches and pain throughout the back, neck and head.
  • Postural Screening - We analyze the postures of your team members and compare them to what is considered ideal. By raising awareness of what's gone wrong, people are empowered to take necessary measures to improve their posture.
  • Chair Massage - This is one of most popular services at health fairs. We will have doctors and/or trained medical staff giving 5-10 minute chair massages to help release tight muscles and to stretch out and relax their “trouble areas.” 
Health fair by pain relief
To boost the health, morale and productivity of your company, 
call us at (636) 978-3000 to discuss our range of corporate health services.
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