Compassionate Pain Relief in O'Fallon, MO

Interdisciplinary Pain Clinic

For many years, patients suffering from chronic or acute pain had to choose from pain relief clinics that offered only a limited scope of treatment. From acupuncture to powerful pharmaceuticals, these pain clinics often only treated the symptoms, leaving patients to compromise on their long-term health.

At Pain Relieve Associates, we do things differently. By combining physical and medical therapy with chiropractic techniques and modern equipment, we are able to provide effective long-term treatments for our patients. Our methods are holistic and non-invasive by default, though our board-certified medical professionals are qualified to administer injections or medications to compliment therapeutic treatments.
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An Effective Alternative to Surgery

Our philosophy is one that most patients may find easy to agree with: surgery should be a last resort. While it can be effective, spinal fusions, disc replacements or laminectomy surgeries are incredibly invasive, and carry the risk of making the pain worse. 

We do everything in our power to help you explore your options outside of surgery, so that you can restore your quality of life without compromise. Our philosophy is to treat the whole patient instead of just the pain symptoms, and we want you experience an empowered lifestyle of renewed mobility and ability.
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