Comprehensive Pain Relief in O'Fallon

True to our name, we have been providing effective treatments for pain relief for O'Fallon residents for many years. Unlike other pain clinics, we combine the best of alternative therapies with clinical medical practice to offer tailored treatments that strike at the root cause of pain, rather than simply alleviating symptoms. For most of our patients, the improvement in their quality of life is dramatic, as their pain and fatigue are reduced and their energy levels rise. You don't have to take our word for it, however - we regularly receive kind words of praise and thanks for our service from enthusiastically pain-free patients!

Dr. Mohr has given me my life back!

Dr. Mohr has given me my life back! I have been active and athletic my entire life. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with bone spurs on my heals, not by Dr. Mohr. After multiple, unsuccessful attempts and spending a lot of money to get rid of the pain, I resigned myself to dealing with the pain. Then I met Dr. Mohr and invited me to come by his office to take a look at my feet. He came up with a plan and put it into play. I have been now been working out hard at a local Crossfit gym for almost a year. I can sprint, jog, and hike for long distances WITHOUT any pain in my feet. I refer as many people as I can to Dr. Mohr and the Pain Relief Associates!

- Matt

I began seeing and feeling results for the first time in eight years.

Shortly after moving to St. Louis from Texas, I began physical therapy with Dr. Mohr at Pain Relief Associates in O'Fallon. After eight years of various treatments and PT clinics in Texas, my knee never felt fully recovered and my migraines had never improved. The team at Pain Relief targeted the areas of concern and began using physical therapy and other practices to target the areas. I began seeing and feeling results for the first time in eight years. After a short period of time, my knee feels 100% and my migraines have improved almost 100%! I am so thankful to Dr. Mohr and the entire team at the O'Fallon office for allowing me to feel as I did before my knee surgery. I also can't describe what life is like without having migraines that interfere with my daily life!

- Kevin

I would recommend them to anyone!

I was in a car accident and had severe back pain and my left leg was numb. I have been to different chiropractors and different pain management drs. with no help. I was in such bad shape when I started coming to Pain Relief Associates. Honestly I thought it was hopeless in fixing my back and leg and I would have to have surgery. But almost 3 months later and I feel like a new person. No more leg numbness and my back hasn't felt this good for a long time. I would recommend them to anyone. If you think your only way to relief is surgery, give them a try first, I didn't think it was possible to feel this good with all the things I have wrong with my back. But my back is straighter now and stronger and so much better. I'm older so I cant do all the things I once could but its nice to know I can get around again and not be in constant pain.

- Jackie

I feel so much better!

I have had all my physical therapy from my car accident done here and am so much better. Every employee that works here is very accurate & detailed in all areas they cover. I am now going to therapy here once again after having 2 surgeries on my right arm and hand. The techniques they use and assorted excercises they assign me, really help me improve my condition so much. I highly recommend Pain Associates to anyone. I actually live about 20 minutes from here, but choose to drive further to have highly educated Doctors & therapists work with me.

- Julie

I recommend them 110%!

I was very skeptical of "pain management" as I dread going to the doctor. I first went to Pain Relief Associates in the O'Fallon location with a crippling pain between my shoulders and in my neck, and numbness and burning down my left arm. Dr Mohr correctly diagnosed me with bulging discs and started a treatment plan. Within a few days I was able to sleep and after my initial series of treatments I was able to return to work. Dr Mohr and his staff helped me to continue to be able to provide for my family! Visiting this office doesn't "feel" like a Dr.'s office, it feels like friends, and is a relaxed, clean, social environment where treatment is actually something you look forward to. Dr. Mohr, Dr. Samson, and their staff are true professionals and I recommend them 110%!

- Niels

I felt like my life was being given back to me.

I have suffered from what my neurologist considered migraines. I was on 27 different pills a day, but still in pain and in virtual tears constantly. It was suggested to me by my former neurologist nurse that I try a pain management facility and gave me the "MAGIC" phone number. Making that phone call was the best thing that has happened to me in over 20 years. 

I attended the O'fallon office and had an evaluation done by Dr. Mohr. I was x-rayed, had a nerve conduction test done as well as several other tests performed. I was then set up on a workable schedule to receive treatment.

I will be completely honest, in the beginning of the treatments I was in excessive pain, however to my surprise this place was different. I was given a prescription by their attending Dr. Meyers ( KUDOS TO DR. MEYERS!!) for controlling my pain WHILE in treatment.

Once I had completed the treatment prescribed by Dr. Mohr I could actually TURN my neck back and fourth, up and down, the pain from light subsided. I felt like my life was being given back to me. Instead of laying in bed constantly crying when other Doctors told me that there was nothing they could do but give me more stronger, more dangerous DRUGS to just keep me comfortable.

Dr. Mohr , Dr. Meyers and Dr. Samson show caring and compassion to EACH and EVERY one of their patients. I have never been treated with such respect and dignity from ANY health professional in my lifetime. They actually restored my body to a point that I strongly suggested to my own mother to go with me and see what they could do for her. Once evaluated they set her up on a program and now she can lift and hold her GREAT GRANDCHILDREN once again when before a simple hug could cause her pain.

I am no longer taking ANY migraine medications and can actually enjoy gardening my culinary herbs once again after the past four years of excruciating pain.

I HIGHLY recommend that if you think there is no hope for you and other doctors do not have any answers for you, PLEASE take the time to give this fantastic group of people a chance at helping you.
I am 50 going on 51 yrs of age, I now feel more like i am turning back the clock to my mid 30's... Need I say any more?

- Kenneth

If you have any difficulties relating to back, neck, leg, or general nerve issues, you owe it to yourself to let these folks have a look.

I have been treated by these wonderful folks for a couple of problems and they are not only very thorough, they are extremely friendly, down to earth, and ready to listen. They use cutting edge techniques and equipment to help make right whatever is going wrong, and offer follow up maintenance to further avoid future complications from arising. These people have become good friends. Well as medicinal saviors! If you have any difficulties relating to back, neck, leg, or general nerve issues, you owe it to yourself to let these folks have a look. If they are not in the position to help they will let you know.

- Guy
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